Testing Solutions

Card Testing System

  • Bending /Module Adhesion
  • RF Frequency & Q Factor
  • Module Height Measurement
  • ATR & ATS Testing

Protect your reputation for quality assurance with the CTS-01. It is the ideal solution for high-speed, automated testing of dual-interface, contact, and contactless smart cards; it also tests module bonding, antenna connections, RF stability, and functionality of the contact and contactless interfaces.

  • Reel-to-Reel Module Tape Counter
  • Automatic Module Tape Rewind
  • Real-Time Reports on Module Viability
  • Marks Tape at Programmable Quantity Intervals.

Automate your module tape inventory with vision inspection technology. The MCM-01 makes counting and rewinding module tape fast and easy. Count a reel of smart card modules and rewind it in under five minutes!

Inlay Measurement System

  • Inlay Measurement
  • Printed Sheet Measurement

The CQM IMS-01 is a heavy-duty precision linear measurement system for measuring flat surfaces such as inlays and printed sheets.

Perfect for inlay production lines where the positioning of registration holes, guide marks and embedded antennas are critical for process control and general quality control management.

Sheet Size: Maximum sheet size is 600mm x 600mm. Best for and up to 5 x10 and 7 x 8 inlay sheet formats.