SIM Punching Machine

  • SIM Punch
  • Dual SIM Cards
  • Quad SIM Separation Station
  • Single SIM Cards
  • Quad SIM Cards
  • Custom Shapes


The GSM-124 MultiSIM punch was designed mainly for GSM cards - these formats seem to change every year. The idea was to design a single machine flexible enough to handle today’s challenges - but also adapt to the ones we don’t know about yet.

The GSM-124 MultiSIM punch is a massive machine, equipped with six inline 1.5kW electrical servo motors for punching and scoring any card job you throw at it. One look and you will know it has the power and speed to get the toughest card punching jobs done. It’s a machine we are proud to offer - and you will be proud to own.

Speed: All speeds indicated are for re-pluggable type, Combi SIM: (2FF, 3FF, 4FF):

Format SIMs per hour
Single SIM Card 6,000
Dual SIM Card 10,000
Quad Card 20,000
Half Card 8,000
Quarter SIM Card 11,000

Punch Stations: Equipped with six Mitsubishi 1.5kW servos with heavy duty gear box. 

Punch Stations: Equipped with six Mitsubishi 1.5kW servos with heavy duty gear box. Suitable for punching or scoring.

Card Check: Inline sensor checks for card orientation.

Input: Comes with 500 card removable magazine with the option to double up with dual auto changing magazine configuration.

Output: Two horizontal trays holding 1000 cards for manual unloading, and also, two separate and removable magazines for Quad Cards.

Punch Waste: Each punch station’s waste is collected into a central collection point.

Independent Stations: Each punch station can be used for both punching or scoring and can be individually turned on or off from the user interface.

Set Up: Our new innovative design allows for punch tooling to be removed and replaced with only four screws - allowing for lightning speed reconfiguration.

GSM / SIM Punch

  • GSM / SIM Punch 7000
  • Cards per Hour The GEMINI

Series features flexible configurations for Single or Multi-SIM production while maintaining the precise tolerances and high throughput needed. Optional customized tooling is economically priced and designed for quick changeovers from one SIM plug configuration to the next.

GSM-7000 sets the standard for value, speed, and reliability. It is perfect for companies looking to enter the market or add capacity. It is intended for heavy duty use with maximum run time.

ID Card Slot Punching & Scoring Machine

  • ID Card Slot Punch
  • Full Face Punching
  • Full Face Scoring
  • 1000 Card Shingling Output

Designed for customers needing a heavy-duty professional solution for slot punching ID cards. The IDSP-01 can be run as hard as you need

Input: Manually fed 500 card hopper or optional removable magazines that can be loaded off-line.

Tooling Design: The tooling is based on long lasting tool steel and can punch or score the full face area of the card.

Heavy Duty Punch Station: The punch station is powered by a heavy-duty 750W servo motor that with built-in capacity for larger punch­ing requirements.

Scoring or Punching: The tooling and punch station design can be used to punch or score cards ac­curately.

Output: Extended high-capacity shingling output with a capacity for 1000 cards allows one operator to run several machines. Shingling output also allows for many non-standard card shapes to be managed.

Custom Tooling: Order customized tooling to meet the needs of your project. Punch tooling is easily and quickly changed.

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