Contactless / RF

Wire Embedding Machine

  • Ultrasonic Wire Embedding
  • Contactless Inlay Production
  • PC Programing

The WEM-01 Wire Embedding Machine is the ideal solution for making your own RF inlays for cards, passports, and tokens.

Formats: The WEM-01 is user configurable, (depending on the number of embedding heads ordered) for any inlay format from 1 to 50 antennae per sheet - with up to a 500mm x 610mm sheet size.

Speed: Wire embedding speed best referenced as the cycle time to embed a standard five coil antenna as would be used for a standard ISO Mifare card. The WEM-01 will com­plete a single cycle in 15 seconds. WEM-01 with a 10 head configuration outputs 2,400 antennae per hour. Note that antenna shape and size can vary the cycle time.

Embedding Plates: Heavy duty, 10mm thick, stainless steel with registration pins, magnets, or an optional vacuum system to register and hold sheets in position.

Accuracy: Using Mitsubishi servos and HIWIN screw drives and rails the WEM-01 maintains an accuracy of +/-10 microns.

PC Control: Antenna design specifi­cations are imported via a USB stick into a PC control system for easy to manage control of unlimited projects.

Antenna Wire: Compatible with all industry standard copper and copper alloy wire types ranging in thickness from 100µm to 160µm.

Sheet Materials: Compatible with all standard inlay materials such as PVC, PEG, ABS. Sheet thickness from 130 µm to 300µm can be accommodated.